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Waukegan Friends Board Members

Greg Brown


Tracy Emsun



Aybars Emsum


Rich Hanson

Emmy Gottschalk

Roberto Puig

Sara Zamor

Carol Alleman

Catherine Whaley

Gary Graber


Waukegan Friends is a 501c not for profit organization that focuses on Waukegan. 


Our Waukegan Community for us is about the people who make our environment a better place through engagement, ensuring that all voices in the community are represented and heard.


We support social justice for all that achieves fairness, equality and inclusion, especially in the LGBTQ+ Community that live here now and in the future.


Overseeing corporate image, printed materials, promotional articles, social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) & website.


Advance new member growth, keeping membership informed, welcoming new members, indetifying nonmembers needs and perceptions; finance & banking operations.

Public Relations & Outreach 

Liaison with partner organizations, develop new and lasting partnerships, dealing with enquiries from the public and the press

Special Events

Spearheads planning, execution and post-production follow-up of each event; connect decision makers by tailoring programs; promote volunteerism.

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